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Horse For Sale
Big rangy grey colt
Price: $3500
Percheron Stallion, Located in Willard, Ohio, Foaled in May 2016
Horse For Sale
Well bred beautiful 2 year old
Price: $15000
Clydesdale Mare, 17.0HH, Located in West Branch, Iowa, Foaled in March 2014
Horse For Sale
Outstanding 2yr Silver Dapple Tobiano Gypsy Stud
Price: $13500
Gypsy Horses Stallion, 14.2HH, Located in Sutherlin, OR, Foaled in July 2014
Farm Listing
2000 34ft. Trailer
Miscellaneous , Located in Huron, Ohio
Horse For Sale
Outstanding, well-bred Shire mare
Price: $3500
Shire Mare, 17.2HH, Located in Smithtown, New Brunswick, Foaled in May 2004
Horse For Sale
Reg 50% Brabant Belgian 6 years old Bayroan
Price: $4000
Brabant Cross Stallion, 16.3HH, Located in Bjorkdale Saskatchewan Canada, Saskatchewan, Foaled in July 2010
Horse For Sale
Belgian bred mares, and harness
Price: $8500
Belgian Mare In Foal, Located in Pittsford, Michigan, Foaled in 2007
Horse For Sale
Growthy, perfect coloured, well mannered hitch gelding
Price: $6500
Clydesdale Gelding, 18.0HH, Located in Brantford, Ontario, Foaled in April 2012
Horse For Sale
2016 Stallion
Price: $2450
Clydesdale Stallion, Located in Portage, Ohio, Foaled in April 2016
Horse For Sale
Well broke, powerful wheel horse
Price: $5000
Clydesdale Gelding, 18.1HH, Located in Brantford, Ontario, Foaled in 2010

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