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Looking for a draft horse for sale?  How about a Clydesdale horse or a belgian draft horse for sale? has them!  Percherons, Fjords, Irish Drafts, American Creams, Belgians, Percherons, Clydesdales, Draft horses for sale of all breeds including draft crosses and draft warmbloods!  This is a draft horse classified site and is free!
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Horse For Sale
VIDEO! Black and White Percheron Stallion
Price: $5000
Spotted Draft Stallion, 16.3HH, Located in Gaffney, South Carolina, Foaled in June 1998
Horse For Sale
VIDEO! Nice teenage spotted draft ready to ride or drive
Price: $775
Spotted Draft Gelding, 15.0HH, Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Foaled in 2000
Horse For Sale
Beautiful Spotted Draft Dressage/Low Jumper/Husband Horse
Price: $10500
Spotted Draft Cross Mare, 16.2HH, Located in Sealy, Texas, Foaled in 2006
Horse For Sale
Yearling 3/4 Draft NASDHA Colt
Price: $1500
Spotted Draft Cross Stallion, Located in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, Foaled in May 2014
Horse For Sale
18hh premium spotted draft stallion
Price: $7500
Spotted Draft Stallion, 18.0HH, Located in Bonduel, Wisconsin, Foaled in May 2005
Horse For Sale
Nice Spotted  Draft Mare Who Lost Team Mate
Price: $2500
Spotted Draft Cross Mare, 18.0HH, Located in Linton, North Dakota, Foaled in May 2005
Horse For Sale
Unique Colored Spotted Draft Yearling Colt
Price: $1800
Spotted Draft Stallion, Located in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, Foaled in May 2014
Horse For Sale
I am big and sweet?
Price: $4000
Spotted Draft Cross Mare, Located in Gilman, Wisconsin, Foaled in 1999
Stallion Service
VIDEO! North American Spotted Draft (Premium) (Stud Fee: $650)
Spotted Draft Stallion, 17.2HH, Located in Brevard, North Carolina, Foaled in June 2009
Horse For Sale
Buster is a Black and White Paint Gelding
Price: $1200
Spotted Draft Gelding, 14.1HH, Located in Gentry, AR, Foaled in August 2012

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