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(Registered with AHR #16323-00)
Location: Cameron, Texas
Breed:Haflinger Color: Blonde
Date Foaled:January, 2000 Gender:Mare
Current Height:14.2 HH Weight:1200

"Austrian Imported Mare"

Price: $1000

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ARINA WULF (A CN 31166), $1,000

Imported Registered Halflinger mare, #16323-00. DOB 1-25-2000, chestnut, DNA tested, 59” tall, nice big mare, trained to ride and drive single & double. Arina was mainly purchase because she was a proven breeder with a stud colt at her side for many thousands of dollars.  Her ID#: 00-201-7fe1, T/H brand. Arina developed SCC at the age of 18.  She has since been DNA tested for SCC and carries 1 gene.  At 18 years old and her eyesight being fine, her current owner does not consider a $1,500 surgery to be prudent.  Arina’s low price reflects her SCC and her owner's desire to place her in a good home.

Arina is often the first one to come to you in the pasture and she sometimes comes when you call to her.  She has stood to be bridled out on 170 acres, has allowed me to belly up bareback and take her on a wandering trail ride.

May 2018 UPDATE: Arina is now being ridden by an 8 year old farm girl and doing well.  She does not seem like she has any finesse under saddle but goes along willingly with a buddy rider.  Even so, I would not consider her a beginner's horse as she needs some work on being separated from the herd.  Right now she rides with a buddy but won't go alone, not even to be led from the herd.  She is coming along but still needs to find someone with which to bond.  We are in hopes it will be our 8 year old daughter because if she will go where that child wants, she will go anywhere an adult will want to go .... kids don't know what a horse and rider can't do, so they just do it.  Our daughter told me she jumped Arina over the logs the other day ... I did not know the mare would jump ... oh well, good for the horse, good for the girl.  We are down to only 2 horses on the farm as we prepare for our move across the country, this is helping Arina as we sell down the herd b/c there are not as many other horses to depend upon.  If you like the heart of a mare, and you like a horse that has a kind heart but don't mind that you will need to win it, come see Arina, fall in love, make an offer and take her home.

Proven in:

  • Breeding
  • Farm Work
  • Trail Horse

Shows Potential in:

  • Carriage Rides
  • Dressage
  • Jumping
  • Natural Horsemanship Training
  • Youth Horse


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For more information contact:

Ben & Alysha Godfrey
Sand Creek Farm
1552 CR 267
Cameron, Texas 76520
Phone 254-627-0698

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