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Donum Paschae

(Registered with GVHS #pending)
Location: Wapakoneta, Ohio
Breed:Gypsy Vanner Color: Cream
Date Foaled:April, 2017 Gender:Stallion

"Sale Pending - Smoky BLack Colt"

Price: $4500

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Sale Pending

**I apologize for the MUD.... this colt is not at our farm, and was hauled in just for the photos - he apparently got into the mud before getting on the trailer and the weather here has not been conducive to clean shots or massive baths.**

Pascha was born on Easter Sunday in 2017.  He was bred by us at Northern Lights Ranch - but we sold his dam, but retained her inutero foal. That foal is Pascha.  He was sold before he was weaned, to someone local to us here in Ohio.  They have decided to sell him, and priced him to sell quickly. 

Pascha has incredible bloodlines, his sire is our own Taj - a son of Cosmo x Cocoa - who go to The Business and Billy Boy.  His dam is Rose - who is a daughter of BB King x Sterling Sylvia - BB King is a son of GYpsy King and Shampoo Girl.  This boy is bred in the blue.. 

Expected mature height of mid to high 14h.  Heavy build, blocky and very nicely put together. Great feather for a yearling, even with the mud, and nice movement. 

Pascha is a bit pushy - he's not had the handling that his owners were hoping to provide him, and while he is not mean - has not offered to bite or kick (even during our evaluation of him) - he is a little rude and disrespectful.  He throws his weight around a bit.  He is however very receptive and wanting to connect and respond and did very well during eval.  He is at that point that some one/one time with him will turn him into an incredible trustworthy horse... but he needs the handling and the training.  He halters, he leads, he loads, he lifts his feet (not always right away).  He is due for a trim.

Pascha is a smoky black - Ee/nCr/nP1.  One red, one black, one cream.  Single pssm1 mutation.

Pascha is available for $4500 Cash Sale Only.

Many additional photos available, photos of sire/dam also available.

Please note.  Pascha is not at Northern Lights, we bred him, but he has only been here a few days.  Once during transit to his new home and then for photos.  His owners are local and I am assisting them with putting his information out there.


Donum Paschae Sire:
Northern Lights Optimus Prime
The Cosmic Force
Watson's Black Billy - Son of Billy Boy
MF Golden Charm
Sweet Cocoa Mare
Boss (Business)
LS Rose Royce
BB King
The Gypsy King
Shampoo Girl
Sterling Sylvia

For more information contact:

Tara & Aaron Barksdale
Northern Lights Ranch
Lima, Ohio 45806
Phone 214-668-6163

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